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Asian Study Centre (ASC) is one of the leading educational service provider in Asia and Top courses is premium services of Asian Study Centre.

We are assisting students from all over the world to study in Reputed and globally recognized college and Universities in the world. In 2016, Asian Study Centre became the largest recruiter from India to Malaysia. At the same time we also recruited students from more than 20 countries as well. Asian study centre has branches in three countries (India, Malaysia and Rwanda), sub-agents and official representatives in more than 20 countries including Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Top courses is a search engine platform for students finding suitable courses upon their likes. . Our main focus is over Course Oriented guidelines and finding suitable University. We will be asking the students regarding their area of interest in various courses and Universities will be provided by us checking upon their area of interest. This is a unique method followed by our company. Asian Study Centre means to respond and tackle every one of the issues confronted by the students and guardians while wanting to study abroad. Consequently we attempt our best to make college and subject profile that matches student’s needs and inclinations from picking appropriate schools and colleges; and also dealing with whole applications process and catching up with the colleges . Top Courses will help you easily in getting attached with your favorite course.

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